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oh elizi, when i have you my life shines up
elizabeth, you buy me meals cos i can't cook,
elizi name one thing you won't buy me,
constant frowns, like bored, oh don't try me

elizabeth you let me have the latest fabrics
and that's the main reason i love your tactics
elizabeth, your my sunshine
and that's why your always up on my mind

oh elizi, i can't live without you
everyday my life i'm talking bout you
all of my friends say it's all about you
oh elizi, oh oh, elizi oh

oh elizabeth you know it's all about you,
when you took me to paris you turned kinda blue,
there's no way i can do this without you,
because everywhere you go you're waiting for change

at the end of the month you always disappear,
when i get paid somehow you reappear,
my mates love it when you're out on the town,
because you're the one who always gets in the first round

oh elizi, i can't live without you,
everyday my life i'm talking bout you,
all of my friends say it's all about you,
oh elizi, oh oh, elizi oh

elizabeth your my royal,
elizabeth your so sincere,
i wanna have you all the time,
i can't survive when you're not near,
elizabeth show me interest,
come on now just be fair,
the deal here is so funny,
because elizabeth is only money

oh elizabeth, im being nice saying your my business,
you always seem to disappear around christmas,
we always do things your way,
but i don't mind if you stick around for my birthday

elizabeth, keep on saying it's you i'm living off,
i quite frankly couldn't give a toss,
no matter the cost i know what's what,
i guess i need you to be posh

oh elizi, i can't live without you,
everyday my life i'm talking bout you,
all of my friends say it's all about you,
oh elizi, oh oh, elizi oh

(Kid British) - just awesome this song
22.9.10 21:03


Well I smoked this thing one night out as a bet,
and they told me it was kinda like a funky cigarette,
and I can still remember my first draw
and all those funny things I saw when I smoked my
first Funky Cigarette

well I opened up my best friends buscuit tin
and there's no Rich Teas or Custard Creams just
cigarrets and skins,
and then he handed me a pack of green and the biggest
bag I've ever seen and I rolled my first funky

And since that day I seldom have declined,
and I maintain this love affair with these green herbs
of mine
you can keep your pills and trips and lines
expensive beers and fancy wines 'cos I just want a
Funky Cigarette

And nowadays it's harder to disguise
then wondering old sedated look that's glazed across
my eyes
well if you're like me I'm sure you'll find
that you don't really seem to mind
'cos you just had a funky cigarette!
23.9.10 19:05


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